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Etsy – Pillow Mania x10 for every style

retro birdcage pillow
----- August 18th, 2009 -----

Take a look at our latest and favorite pillows at Etsy. We love supporting up and coming designers and we think you should too!

Volumes Pillow – these pillows can mix in with any color sofa you are living with – we love the geometric forms with the layering of colors! For only $13 for the cover.

Retro Birdcage Pillow - for only $16, this fantastically inventive vintage pattern should make you chirp for joy.

Pretty Butterflies - the colors are amazing and is a very simple way to add a huge burst of color  to any room

Shabby Chic - we think this pillow is lovely and delicate enough even to go a bed!

If you are feeling Geometric, we love the sublte tones of this pillow which still stays graphic for only $18.

Home Pillow – we love the designer of this pillow, for stating the obvious but making it beautiful! $34 for 12” x 16” .

These Moroccan inspired pillows are perfect to be layered with another black & white pillow or just to add a splash of color to your basic color sofa – for $25.

This Ichi pillow has so many lovely colors of blue we couldn’t resist a perfect accent for white, beige, brown and gray sofas.

We are digging this retro Marimekko pillow for it’s over the top graphics – an 18” x 18” for only $27.49.

Hand Embroidered Terrier Cushion – Your dog and you will love this super modern/chic design - $50 for 12” x 12”. Woof!

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