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Colorstrology For All Birthdays

----- August 4th, 2009 -----

Have you even wondered why you are more attracted to the color blue over red, or purple over orange? Have you walked into a museum and were drawn to the green landscape, where as another person might gravitate towards something that is a more yellow hue? Our new book obsession “Colorstrology” might give you the answers.

Written by astrologer Michele Bernhardt in collaboration with the artists at Pantone this book is a mixture of astrology, numerology, and color theory that helps to shape our views on our lives and the relationship we have in it. With the 366 “birthday colors” it help you to better understand and enhance your life though the colors you are drawn to and even helps you understand why you are drawn to them though your birthday place in the stars.

This interesting book is one that everyone should check out, if not for curiosity of color, then for inspiration and maybe even to understand yourself and the people around you even more.

Don’t have time to grab the book. Check out the great “Colorstrology” website and find your place in the color stars today.

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