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David Hicks

David Hicks
----- July 28th, 2009 -----

Today we’re looking back to appreciate the fabulously chic
David Hicks (1929-98), an interior design superstar of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s whose work is still very much in vogue today. Hicks introduced bold color and pattern into the home, steering away from the stuffy design norms of mid-century England. Hicks mixed the classical with the modern in a clean and elegant manner (think Louis chair upholstered with a geometric design).

He combined different styles and arranged furniture and decorative objects in such a way that made them statements of their own. Think about bending the rules in your own home, and you’ll see that the possibilities are endless! Besides designing for the privileged and royal, Hicks created furniture, textiles, carpets and wallpaper.

His son, Ashley Hicks, has carried on his father’s style with a line of furniture and hardware, along with these fabulous Stone Floor featuring nine original patterns by the iconic designer.

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