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For The Love Of Wallpaper

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----- July 22nd, 2009 -----

We love wallpaper because of its ability to transform a space beyond the reach of paint.  Check out our selection of beautiful new wallpapers that consume and captivate the eye!

Kreme Home has recently debuted a drool-worthy line with equally strong focuses on beauty, form and function.  Kreme is a reputable, eco-conscious company whose aim is to beautify your home and improve your livelihood.  Founded in 2008 by Cadee Wilder, a former fashion mogul, the designs are chic and progressive.  We are fascinated by her Chains wallpaper and can’t wait to cover our next bathroom with her retro Birds pattern!

Loyal CH readers know we love Flavor Paper for their inventiveness and imagination. Their seven new wallpapers for this season range from tattoo designs to graphic floral scenes intermingled with unlikely household items like lightbulbs. Check them out online and get inspired!

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