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Glassware for Every Occasion

Inside Out Martini Glass
----- July 14th, 2009 -----

Ever find yourself having a drink and thinking that your glass could look so much cooler, well we have the solution for you during almost any occasion. Check out the glasses that we found at Design Within Reach. The set is called the Usuhari Stacking Glasses, which consist of 5 stacking glasses. The company has been making glasses since 1958 using techniques used for making light bulbs. And although the glasses look delicate and the name Usuhari means ”this glass”, these puppies can be handled with the same care as ordinary glassware. So you are getting the chic look with the same low maintenance care of your everyday glasses. Also check out DWR’s amazing glassware  tea accessories, including teapots and a tea warmer.

For those after hours drinks, head on over to the MoMA Store for some excellent more “mature” drinking options. They carry a great line of inside out glasses including the “Inside Out Martini Glass” and the “Inside Out Champagne Glass”. These come in sets of two and add something a little different to any occasion. Also check out the “Wobble Congac Glasses”. You have never seen any glasses like these and are guaranteed to rock the night, literally! All these options are amazing and will add a little more to any glassware collection. So check them out!

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