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Weird and Wacky Lights

----- June 8th, 2009 -----

Sometimes we just want some weird and wacky in our lives.  It can be a conversation starter or even a focus point in your room.  It can come from a piece of art, furniture, but easy way to do so in through some amazing yet crazy light fixtures. Check out some of our favorites:

The Wet Lamp : Have you ever wanted to find that one unique light that makes guests wonder when they first set eyes? Well look no further the Wet Lamp is an elegant and playful series of glass lamps with an alluring water-submerged light bulb at its center. With an exposed light bulb in water certainly raises some eyebrows, but it also creates an intriguingly simple dimmer switch.

When a thin silver rod is slid into the water, the Wet Lamp turns on and becomes progressively brighter as the rod is submerged. This is an amazing combination of science and beauty. We cant get enough of it! Place this lamp on a mantelpiece as a great conversation starter or in a bedroom for great ambiance.

Mirror Balls with Stand : Design from the decades past are amazing but often are out of the world and a little bit crazy. This light designed by Tom Dixon the retro-modern Mirror Ball series has a decidedly ’70s glamour. Reminisced of a science experiment in light that has gone incredibly right. This is a fabulous lamp for a living room, giving the room great light and certainly brings one back to the fabulous life of the 70s and its many weird a wacky designs.

Superordinate Antler lamp : As designer Jason Miller put it this lamp is “nature made better”, the Superordinate Antler Chandelier exactly that. This ceramic lamp is a throw back to any rustic mountain lounge, but the slick modern feels makes it appropriate for any setting.  Perfect for a living room, entrance way or dinning room. No need to offend any animal lovers too because this light fixture is completely animal friendly.

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