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Quick Color Makeovers

----- May 26th, 2009 -----

When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color.” – Billy Baldwin, renowned interior designer

You can decorate and accessorize all you want, but the life and spirit of a room is determined by its paint.  We know that when bored, it can be tempting to overhaul a room’s color completely.  But before you spend a whole day with paintbrush in hand, consider these different and downsized applications that will reinvent and reinvigorate your space using half the paint!


If you are afraid of making a statement on the walls, or want your artwork to be the room’s focal point, pick out a color and use it on your ceiling. This is a phenomenal way to modernize the lighting and look of a space without doing something that feels irreversible. Plus, when painting the ceiling, there’s no need to stick to light shades because, regardless of your ceiling height, the color will have no impact on spatial perception.  So take it to new heights and go bold!


A bold colored focal wall usually does the trick if you’re looking for a quick mini overhaul, but we encourage you to take things further. Find a great painter and have him work on a pattern that is absolutely custom; it’s a great way to make your space completely your own. This is a zig zag wall we did for a client; choose a pattern as fierce as this and you’ll make the desired impact with only one wall.  Wanna do the whole job yourself?  Design a stencil and you can take ownership over the entire look!

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