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Christine Misiak

----- May 18th, 2009 -----

Tea time, there’s something so civilized about sitting down with friends and a fine cup of tea.  Now, thanks to the incredibly talented English designer Christine Misiak, you can really sip in style. Misiak won the Peter Walker award for most innovative product design in 2007 with these remarkable tea set collections. The sets are funky and fabulous, and inspired by the idea of taking flea market finds and infusing them with both color and style.  Check out a few of our favorites:

Original Recycled Tea Sets : These creations are crafted from old recycled metal sets found at flea markets nationwide.  They’re available in a wide range of colors and styles.

New Handle Tea Set : These are composed of recycled metal sets as well, but have been given fresh handles made from new materials.  The resulting juxtaposition is funky, interesting, and truly appealing.

Recycled Misiak Doilies : To keep with the theme of her tea sets, these machine-crocheted cotton doilies are made of recycled material and are reusable for any occasion.

New/Old Tea Set : These sets combine vintage and modern aesthetics, with old school, ornately styled handles, but a brightly colored, lacquered finish.  The result is a sophisticated and complicated set, appropriate for most decors.

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