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Paris Decals

----- May 15th, 2009 -----

A little bit of Paris on your floor and in your life. An unutilized part of any apartment for artwork can sometimes be your floor. Yes, you can paint it, cover it with a rug or leave the floor in its natural beauty, but in a rental space it can be impossible or costly to do. Well look no further, the Paris based decals company Les Invasions Ephémères has solved our problem. Their newest creation of floor decals allows you to decorate the floor with a great pattern. Plus each floor decal has a textured surface to maximize foot traction making these decals great for adding pattern to any entrance way.

Other then floor decals they also have great designs for your wall, computer, passport and other accessories. The style of these decals is reminiscent of the baroque style of old Parisian apartments and adds an enchanting touch to any home! They are available in stores through the USA from between $40.00-$150.00 and if there is not a store near you then check out their website or purchase them on

Check them out this weekend and bring a little pattern to your floor and Paris into your life with these beautiful and inventive decals!

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