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Lighting 101

----- April 22nd, 2009 -----

Lighting is a crucial component of any interior space.  In addition to affecting the overall visibility of the room’s contents, it can also profoundly impact the feel of the room. By using a few different lighting strategies all at once in a single room, you have the luxury of enjoying several different environments, each of which can be turned on or off with a simple flick of a switch.

We have listed here the four most commonly used lighting techniques. Aside from natural light, we suggest you use a combination of these options in creating your perfect space.

Ambient Lighting : This light source washes the room with a soft glow, creating very few shadows, and typically flattening the space. Hanging lights and wall sconces both produce ambient lighting, but for a temporary ambient effect, use a dimmer with your ordinary overhead.

Accent Lighting : This is an interior lighting technique designed to highlight a room’s objects or architectural features. Emphasizing certain elements with light infuses interest into a room, and to use it all you only need is a bulb and a shield to direct the light to the desired focus. Halogen spotlights and opaquely shaded table lamps both provide the desired effect.

Task Lighting : This lighting type highlights an area of high use and daily activity, such as a desk or work space. Effective task lighting prevents eye strain and helps improve performance. Task lighting sources should be unobtrusive and shielded to prevent glare. Tip: when combined with accent lighting, lovely effects are produced.

Aesthetic Lighting : This lighting is entirely decorative. Use to highlight a sculpture, illuminate a painting, or splash light as you see aesthetically fit!

Check out some of our favorite lighting resources to find the appropriate light option for any room or mood. Remains lighting, Ylighting, HabitatUnicahome

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