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Dual-Action Household Cleaners

----- April 21st, 2009 -----

Here are a few great tips for how to squeeze some extra juice and extra use out of your everyday household cleaning products:

Crayon / WD-40 – Got kids?  If so, you might be noticing some stray doodles on those freshly painted walls and surfaces.  Luckily, this problem is easily erased with a household product you probably have stowed away in your pantry.  WD-40, typically used for squeaky hinges, can be sprayed on almost any surface to wipe away your little artist’s creation.

Candle Votives / Cooking Spray – No need to messy your manicure scraping dry wax from the bottom of your votives and candle sticks.  If you spray a touch of cooking oil prior to lighting the handle, wax will peel effortlessly away, making clean-up super simple.

Glass Home Ware / Home Made Glass Cleaner – This basic concoction eliminates any excuse not to keep your glass coffee table gleaming!  One cup of water and a single tablespoon of vinegar combine to create an amazing all-purpose glass-cleaner that will keep your surfaces smudge-free.

Lamp Shade / Lint Roller – Need to de-fuzz on the fly?  If you don’t have a lint-roller handy, a lamp shade actually makes a successful substitute.  Typically made of materials like silk, linen, and paper, lampshades are naturally clingy and act like a magnet for those pesky dustballs.

Price Tags / Cooking Oil – A shining new set of pristine glassware can be easily ruined by the remnants of sticky pricetags.  Fortunately, with just a quick dip of a paper towel into a bit of cooking oil, stickers rub off with ease, and no one will know those beauties were a bargain!

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