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Hardware for Home Flare: Tips Part 1

----- April 13th, 2009 -----

As professional interior designers, we have a few tricks for how to use simple materials from your local hardware/Home Depot to keep your home looking clean and well-maintained. As professional bloggers, we’re bringing them to straight your inbox!Magic Eraser

Acts like white-out for your home! Just wet this sponge, and wipe away all the scuff marks on your walls and doors. No need to retouch anything – this sponge does the trick without removing any paint. Make sure to test a small area first, then work its magic!

Double Stick Tape

Carpets in foyers or high-use traffic areas often suffer from curling corners. Not only does it make the carpet look old and used, but it’s also a tripping hazard! So grab two pieces of double-stick tape, placing one the floor and another on the carpet, and you can rest (and walk!) easy.


A simple set of felt glides can save your floor from ugly and irksome scrapes.  Stick ‘em on the legs of your tables and chairs to prevent scratching, or pick up a set “adjustable” glides to stabilize wobbly chairs on uneven surfaces.

Cable Ties

Nothing disturbs a beautiful interior like the sight of cables and cords, so invest in cable ties and extensions to conceal your wiring behind furniture.  As for that tangly mess hidden behind the couch…what your guests don’t know won’t hurt ‘em!

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