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April Fools the Eye

----- April 1st, 2009 -----

April 1st is a day to fool a friend or fool they eye and what better way to do so then with new art. As you know spring has sprung in New York City and Mother Nature is once again spilling forth colors that seem impossibly brilliant: the vivid violet of that first crocus sprouting in your window box, the lush green of the parks’ slowly emerging lawns.  Nature, in its countless forms, is both the inspiration and the medium for artist Christopher Marley’s “Pheromone”, a body of work now on window display at Barney’s.

Marley uses fossils, crystals, botanicals, bones and crustaceans to create incredible portraits and patterns. Particularly breathtaking are Marley’s arrangements of arthropods, presented in their natural state, without digital enhancement, and which appear positively jewel-like.  Marley titled his collection Pheromones after the chemical stimulants insects release to attract one another – and now they’re seducing humans, one window shopper at a time.

Marley’s pieces range from $200.00-$1,000.00 and up.  If this is out of your price range check out his book Pheromone: The Insect Artwork. It makes an exquisite coffee table-topper and can be purchased, where else? At Barney’s New York.

If you can’t make it to New York City, the newly opened William-Sonoma Home is now featuring Marley’s work as well.  Check them out online and order your own Marley piece and trick your next guest with the beauty of nature and deception of pattern.

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