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Knickknacks and Recaps

matthew williamson
----- March 27th, 2009 -----

Every Friday from here on out we are going to roundup our favorite design tips and tidbits that we’ve spotted in our weekly web-surfing!   We’ll be drawing from our favorite sources, bringing you products and ideas that we find particularly inspiring. Check out this week’s must-reads!

Design Sponge announced the launch of the Ruby Green bedding collection this week, a line of incredible sheets, pillows and duvet covers designed by former Domino Magazine employee Michelle Green. Originally she was working exclusively with upholstery textiles, now her collection has evolved to include a broad range of inspired, hip, and environment-friendly creations, all available on her site.

Decor8 always brings us “fresh finds for hip spaces,” and this week published a beautiful photography series from the DeLeon & Primmer Architecture workshop.  We couldn’t believe this photo revealing the incredible detail in the studio’s painted floor. As professional as this looks, it’s achievable on your own home’s hardwood.  Just design a stencil, and get to work!

Design Muse offers “design inspiration” for the creatively inclined. This week, they’ve generously done the work for us and compiled a list of the most compelling design events coming up in New York City. Take note of these events and you’ll be in for an eye-pleasing summer.

Poppy Talk consistently brings us exuberant, colorful, imaginative posts. Their recent item on coat hangers (“vintage to stamped, modge-podged to twisted”) inspired us to try to customize our own! But for those without the time, Poppy kindly links us to Paloma’s Nest, maker of “handcrafted modern heirlooms” and these adorably stamped wooden hangers, perfect for any closet.

Apartment Therapy introduced us this week to the new collection of Matthew Williamson carpets for the Rug Company. His designs are breathtakingly beautiful, real art for your floor. Plus, they’re an added incentive to pick up your clutter so they can be enjoyed!

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