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Do-It-Yourself Paint Projects

----- March 24th, 2009 -----

For many of us, these times do not afford the luxury of a major home renovation. But that’s no reason to stay dissatisfied with your space! A fresh coat of paint will re-energize your interior, on the cheap, and on the fly. We know the task of painting can feel daunting, particularly when you’re working with a lot of surface area. So we’re offering up a few simple, approachable paint projects that will breath new life into your room without overhauling it completely. These techniques are quick, easy, and truly cutting edge. Not to mention, they’ll keep your space feeling fresh and special until you have the means to revamp completely. So set aside a couple hours and get the look your guests will yearn for:

Spruce Up Your Stair Risers. This technique will add interest and intrigue to one of the home’s most often overlooked features. To make the boldest architectural statement, pick a bright but dark color. It will capture the eye and, as an added bonus, eliminate the problem of ugly scuff marks.

Outline Wall Edges. This fabulous method will give your room a clean, graphic sophisticated (but understated) aesthetic. Instead of painting an entire wall, tape off an even strip at your desired width along all the wall’s edges or molding, painting only an outline. For the commitment-phobes among us, the strips of color will vitalize, but not overwhelm, the room – so no painter’s remorse.

Jazz Up Your Molding. Get a little crazy. Paint the molding around the windows or door frames in your home with the outrageous color that you love and fear. In this small application it will be vibrant but not glaring, fun but not juvenile. It’s the perfect way to satisfy that wacky urge without turning your place into a fun house!
Paint Your Ceiling. It’s often neglected, but a painted ceiling can really make a room sing. And with a roller, the transformation can be complete in minutes. Pull a shade from your carpet, or one that complements the flooring, to give the room a cohesive look from top to bottom. As you rest your feet, stare up, and enjoy!

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