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The White Curtain Blues

----- March 23rd, 2009 -----

Frankly, we’re a little exhausted with the simple, white shower curtain.  While classic and elegant in its own right, there’s no excuse for not sprucing things up, particularly when there are so many alluring alternatives.  At affordable prices, we suggest rotating them out to reflect the season or your mood.  After all, one’s bathroom is a haven to be celebrated, not overlooked. Give the room an interesting focal point by selecting an unusual pattern, color, or graphic.  Here are our top five picks, all of which are both affordable and chic:

At $26, we’re quite fond of the simple graphics of Urban Outfitters‘ Feathers curtain. Its beauty is in its versatility: it can stand alone to give the room an airy, natural quality or it can be layered with a second curtain to create a more complex, sophisticated look.

Marimekko brings us a series of classic designs that provide the crispness of a plain white curtain, with an added graphic punch.  Available at Relish, these detailed curtains give the space some intrigue without straying too far from the comforting classics.

For a pristine, ultra-feminine look, we recommend browsing the India Rose curtain collection. With its layered voile ruffles, and its delicate top stitching in either periwinkle or red, this Pintuck curtain is whimsical and inviting, making shower time a true escape.

For a retro look, Plush Living provides us with a collection of inexpensive but wildly colorful patterns.  True statement pieces, these curtains are not for the timid, but their youthful exuberance is hard to deny.

India Rose offers an alternate take on retro, this one slightly more subtle and refined.  Their damask patterned curtain comes in shades of dusty yellow and mossy green, and is capable of transforming your space without completely redefining it.

So don’t get stuck in the white curtain rut… Go beautify your bath today!

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