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City Foundry

City Foundry
----- March 10th, 2009 -----

Chairs Worth Getting Up For

With an extra hour of glorious daylight and the first signs of spring popping up all around us, we finally feel ready to leave our stubborn apartment perches and put an end to the hibernation.  But if the slowly rising temperatures weren’t enough, City Foundry located in the now established Downtown Brooklyn design district is enough motivation to finally shake the dust off and venture *gasp* off island.

City Foundry boasts an extensive but well-edited collection described in Renovation Style as one “where mid-century meets industrial meets French meets science.” While worth exploring in its entirety, we think the company’s true gem is its eye poppingly innovative collection of vintage metal chairs. Some entirely industrial, others softly aged; some resembling doctors’ chairs while others look as though they’ve been plucked from a Parisian piazza . A varied collection, but each chair is stunningly unique, beautifully crafted, and delightfully detailed.  They’ll mature, excite and illuminate your space in an instant.  For these seats, we’ll get off our bums.

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