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Tiny Living

----- March 3rd, 2009 -----

Finally, a store which really caters to the urban environment and the small spaces we live in! We discovered Tiny Living in the East Village in NYC, and thought the concept was too genius to not let everyone know. Especially with this economy, you might feel the need to downsize, but that doesn’t mean your space should not continue to be truly functional. For the occasional dinner guest, why keep that space reducing dining table in your home when you can just pack it up and tuck it away?

The suitcase design is modern and efficient, and we can assure you it’s an upgrade from eating on your coffee table. We also love the key holder, which keeps the lines of your walls clean, and is a great way to make your space just a bit more interesting. Their large inventory includes furniture, kitchen and bath accessories for all your tiny apartment needs. Visit their website or at their shop at 125 East 7th Street, New York City.

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