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----- November 19th, 2008 -----

Lucky for us Floorworks has come to America! We are often faced with the design dilemma of choosing good over green. This luxury line of engineered wood flooring allows us to have both. The product is all wood and finished with natural oil rather than typical polyurethane. The three-ply engineered timber flooring has a minimum of 75 percentage-recycled content and the natural coating is made from all-natural plant products.

Floorworks is at the forefront of sustainable forestry with a floorprint program that matches each square foot of flooring sold with an equal area of reforestation. Not only can you obsess over the floor you walk on because of its unprecedented beauty but you can also feel good knowing that you are leaving a deep carbon footprint. Have a gander at their equally progressive website and you may fast become a fan as well!

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