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Garden Stools

----- April 29th, 2008 -----

When we think “Spring!” ceramic gardens stools definitely come to mind. Yes, they’ve been in vogue for quite some time; so much so, they are readily available at Target. The fact of the matter is, these babies are so versatile and sought after, it’s really difficult for them to lose popularity. They work well indoors (small and wonderful, you can hide them under a table until you need extra seating) as well as out; on a patio, in a garden or on an apartment balcony. They’re fantastic as cocktail tables in addition to seating— use two with a nice piece of wood across the top and voila! You have an awesome bench. So where can you pick up one or five of them in New York? Both Mecox Gardensand Treillage have a wide variety. Check the Mecox website for locations as there are three in New York. Treillage is located at 418 East 75 thStreet, New York, NY or at 212 535 2288.  Love how you live!

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