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Cowhide Redefined

----- April 18th, 2008 -----

The traditional conception of cowhides in interior settings is limited to images of calf silhouettes with brown and white spots. However, for designer Kyle Bunting, “pushing the envelope” and “thinking outside the box”, are mottos he seems to apply seriously to his collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings.  Passionate about redefining how hides are used in interior applications, Kyle Bunting and his design team have created pieces with intricate patterns resembling marquetry, herringbone and hounds tooth, as well as striped motifs with multiple colors in different hide variants. Topped with fun, whimsical names such as Mr. Crowley, Jet Stream, and Surrender, Kyle Bunting’s designs will make even the jaded person “moo” in awe.

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