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Interior Landscape: Ford Foundation

----- April 17th, 2008 -----

Not only do many of us city dwellers desire a hint of plant life in our cozy apartments but rather we need a bit of flourishing greenery. To get your flourishing fix head to the Ford Foundation Building.  Surprisingly enough, this beautiful landscape is indoors and also happens to be considered the first large-scale, permanent, commercial use of indoor planting in the United States. The space was designed as a refuge; a place to experience a serene environment and a brief moment of delight amidst Manhattan’s aggressive bustle.

Interior landscaping is certainly the fastest growing field of ornamental horticulture, it is the art and science of placing living plants in elegant accessories for the sole purpose of creating aesthetic appeal. The Ford Foundation Building gets high marks for aesthetics, but also does well as a healing landscape.  To Zen-out within the confines of our big city go to 321 East 42nd Street.

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