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Hip: Scented Drawer Liners

Scented Drawer Liners
----- April 1st, 2008 -----

We know, it’s almost an oxymoron.  I grew up with a very feminine style; eyelet lace, floral prints and the words “lily of the valley” still ring in my ears when I think of the drawer liner paper we had.  Traditional and dainty, that’s all we had and I thought there was…until twenty years later when I discovered The Soap and Paper Factory at the NY Gift Fair. I thought I entereda a twisted time machine. I fell in love and quickly brought them into my store. The Cultivated Home wants to make sure you know that a modernist’s socks, t-shirts and under-things can smell pretty too.

Meaning-you don’t have to open your drawer on laundry day and look down at dainty, little flowers. The liners made by the Soap and Paper Factory are contemporary in style and scent–Green Tea, Rosewood and Orange Blossom to name a few. And the best part about their product is it’s made of top quality ingredients—recycled papers and packaging, top of the line perfumes and oils—right here in New York. You can purchase the scented drawer liner paper as well as other Soap and Paper Factory products at Burlock or at their own retail store online or in Nyack, NY.  See their website for details.  We will return with a Manhattan location ASAP.

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