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Shigeru Ban in New York

----- March 31st, 2008 -----

In case you hit the snooze bar on New York architecture, we’re getting another heavy-hitter. Metal Shutter Houses is a Chelsea condominium project by Shigeru Ban that is due for completion in the fall of this year. The building is a beautiful, contextual piece whose name and concept echo both, the night-time state of the surrounding galleries and the history of its former industrial neighborhood.  We love that the shutters have such versatility.

Not only do they provide a contextual connection, but they provide privacy and sun control as well.  And if that wasn’t enough, each duplex can open entirely, from end to end, to the elements.  Even if this project wasn’t designed in an elegant/minimalist, Japanese style, just the idea of having such control over light and air is pretty ground-breaking for New York living. Lastly, not only are we fascinated with the building, but we love the design of the website too.  Metal Shutter Houses is located at 524 West 19th Street between 10th and 11th.

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