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Decorative Painters: English & Harms

----- March 26th, 2008 -----

English & Harms does not do “cheesy faux”. These are the words of co-owner Susan English. While you wouldn’t catch her being quoted like that when she interviews with This Old House, she knows the readers of The Cultivated Home will understand. While decorative painting is often connected with traditional décor using color washes, graining and stippling English & Harms; Harmscan provide you with vertical surfaces that looked like they’ve been steeped and fermented in color. This is where they bid adieu the cheese.

Both owners, Susan English and John Harms, are artists first. They originally met at the New York Studio School and color is definitely their thing.  So those of you reading this that are not designers and need some assistance with a unique, molding/wall combo, search no further.  Susan can provide consultation just in color.

The company also offers a wide breadth of expertise in other areas including ageing, pigmented plaster and faux bois. Designers, the duo can knock-off any wood type on a pair of metal elevator doors effortlessly. English & Harms is based in Cold Spring, NY and will happily meet for a consultation north or south of the border.  Please contact them through their website or by phone 917 626 7564.

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