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Ovando Flowers

----- February 6th, 2008 -----

Ovando has a motto, “simple, not simplistic.” And this could not be more true. Ovando is a high-end florist located on Bleecker Street in the West Village, and is the most inventive flower store in the city. They move away from the overly ornate and packed bouquets and arrangements commonly found, and offer imaginative and modern flower arrangements appealing to those who claim they are “allergic” to flowers. They use unusual flowers like cacti, succulents and unplanted orchids in their designs, each placed in simple and inoffensive glass vases.

Ovando offers a variety of services, from individual deliveries to weekly orders and maintenance, window installations to full wedding decorations. Truly, we can think of nothing more elegant then getting a thank-you bouquet from here. We would really know you meant it. Take a look at their store at 337 Bleecker Street .

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