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Atlas Industries

----- January 2nd, 2008 -----

When it comes to custom furniture we want it all. We want it to be, well-designed, well-built, comprised of top-notch materials, completed sooner than later and we absolutely don’t want to deal with an ounce of sawdust….oh, and if at all possible, we would also like it to be transportable. We thought it might be a tad much to ask for until we discovered Atlas Industries. Based in Brooklyn, this small furniture company can satiate the needs of the most demanding client.

Their as4 shelving system is comprised of cold-rolled steel and solid hardwoods–that are sometimes dove-tailed depending on the component. The quality and craftsmanship are like no other modular shelving system around. And the flexibility allows it to suit most rooms in the household. See for yourself with their online software that allows you to build and price your own system on the fly and when you’re done, print to pdf for a client presentation. There, you’ve got it all. Atlas Industries, Brooklyn, NY

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