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Florence Broadhurst: Her Life, Her Designs

----- December 17th, 2007 -----

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t read design books. We ogle the glossy images, we skim the text. Well, here’s a book that MUST be read. Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives takes a close look at a woman who did what most of us only dream of doing. Born in Australia, the daughter of a farmer, Broadhurst went on to revolutionize wallpaper, using a screen printing method and incorporating metallics and bold colors. Even more interesting, she started doing this in her mid-sixties. She was also a couturier in Paris, an accomplished landscape painter, a mother, a socialite, the proprietor and director of a performing arts school in Shanghai, and, before that, a vaudeville performer. And as if that’s not enough, she created a new identity to go with every career. Who the real Broadhurst was, nobody ever really knew – not even her son. She died as mysteriously as she lived, murdered in her home in 1977. Thankfully, her legacy lives and breathes through the hundreds of designs she left behind — a small handful of which can be purchased at John Rosselli and Associates inside the D&D building. It is absolutely thrilling to see them in person! Take a break from the daily grind, go to the top of the D&D and pay homage to Florence. John Rosselli and Associates, 979 3rd Avenue, 18th Floor; 212.593.2060

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