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Eliza Stamps

----- May 6th, 2007 -----

We are currently obsessing over the work by Eliza Stamps. Her show, Being and Nothingness is on exhibit at the Mehr gallery by Petra Projects. Eliza’s work is based on geometry, repetition and design, yet all of the final products created are part of a plan to map out an idea, express a period of time, or to tell a story entirely imagined. Each piece, whether textile or drawing comprises thousands of miniscule seed forms — either created by the stitch of a needle or by the renderings of pen.

These seeds then form a cohesive whole, reminding us of the basis of all existence. The textiles are framed in thick walnut, some even as deep as 7 in. They are indeed textiles, but take on the role of even sculptures, gracefully floating against the wall. The textiles are especially interesting in their design, in that they are round, whimsical creations made with the thread, yet posted into a very structured form, the frame.  There is an incredible balance between art and design, which is why they are wonderful for not only art collectors but for decorators.  Even in the walnut frames, they appear light and comforting.

Eliza’s work ranges from $650-$2,200.  Ink drawings range from $600 to $2,200 and the textiles range from $650 to $850.  The largest of the drawings are 27 x 35 in. framed.  So, incredibly reasonably priced!  Make sure to stop by the Mehr Gallery for the show, curated by Anastasia Rogers. Petra Projects @ Mehr Gallery, 436 W. 18th St. between 9th and 10th Ave., April 17- May 17, 2008.

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