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Crispina: 100% Recycled

----- January 24th, 2007 -----

For warm and fuzzy pillows and throws; or for little snugglies as an accent in a kid’s room; for a worn and warm Anthropologie sort of look; and finally, for 100% recycled content there is Crispina. That’s right, their throws are quilted together entirely of old clothing and sweaters. They’ve teamed up with American Apparel for off-cuts and apparently there’s an entire wholesale industry that buys and sells used clothing. Crispina buys 1,000 pound bales of clothing presorted according to color.

Who knew! And the recycling continues… they use every last scrap to make something else. If it weren’t for their scrap pile they wouldn’t have Ragamuffins to offer. And how could we go on without the Ragamuffins! Find Crispina at ABC Carpet and Home or on their website.

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